Violence Prevention Strategies

Photo by Jovy86/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Jovy86/iStock / Getty Images

Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Prevention Expert Training

  • Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Expert Training
  • Provide customized training unique to executive, management, and employees
  • Train management teams to recognized warning signs
  • Data-focused approach to risk and liability issues
  • Low-cost tools to reduce risk

All violence can’t be prevented, but often it can be predicted. Learn the behavioral signs, how to assess the information and manage the threat. 

Tailored board briefings and strategy sessions with executives and managers to aid in understanding how to assess and reduce risk. 

 Train security, human resources, and all personnel on their roles in workplace violence prevention. 

Benchmark against the latest data and best practices in corporate risk assessment and workplace violence prevention strategies. 

Empower employees with the Active Shooter training, teaching them to move past fear and Run, Hide, and Fight when disaster happens. 

An effective compliance program may defer federal prosecution or mitigate criminal penalties, according to the Department of Justice guidance. What is your paper trail? Does it establish you have an engaged board and executive team? 

Control the inevitable chaos man-made and natural disasters bring by incorporating them into an updated, all-hazards, Emergency Operations Plan.