About Schweit Consulting

Looking for policy, planning, and training solutions, to work place violence, active shooter, and sexual harassment prepardness? Trust the experts at Schweit Consulting to develop high quality, cost-effective answers for executive leadership to engage managers and employees.

Schweit Consulting provides strategic support resources including real-time crisis communications, and litigation assistance. Our scalable training is tailored to your needs with online, in person, or digital media trainings.

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Katherine Schweit

Active shooter expert, 20 year FBI veteran, former prosecutor, journalist, and law school instructor.

Targeted areas of focus

  • Active shooter, Sexual harassment, and other corporate liability high-risk areas

  • Training development

  • Workplace violence and threat management strategies

  • Emergency management and incident response solutions

  • Crisis communications and reputation management

  • Compliance and privacy policies

  • Investigations and pre-employment backgrounds

  • Litigation support/expert witness

  • Speaker/Lecturer